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The job attracts more and more Romanians because they can reach an income of 10,000 euros per month very easily

While more and more ships gather in our ports, so do the number of people who want to learn to drive these boats. In the world and the world, they say the skipper without them the ship cannot yet lift.

After completing their courses in the country, many graduates work abroad in countries such as Greece, Italy, France, and Spain.

The number of Romanians who want to sail alone is increasing. In the middle of this year, the Romanian Naval Authority counted over 12,000 boats in Romanian ports. Limanu, Mangalia, and Eforie are full of sailboats, boats, and yachts.

Schools that run skipper courses can barely keep up with the demand from young people who want to drive such boats.

From the beginning of the year until now, ANR has patented 3,500 young men and women who are now working in the seaside and Mediterranean coast tourist ports.

Limanu Port is the main training point for boat drivers, known worldwide as skippers. The courses last for four days.

Future boatmen learn the basics of the boat, as well as courses in meteorology and navigation.

In the last two years alone, 1,200 trainees have become captains with certificates obtained on the Romanian coast.

Ovidiu Drugan, trainer: “There are some myths about yachting, that it is very expensive, that it is the prerogative of multimillionaires, which is completely wrong. Anyone can do yachting, it’s not that expensive, one of our students says it’s cheaper than tennis with an instructor. They are intensive 4-day courses, from morning to evening where you learn both theory and practice.”

This is where I also met Bosse. He obtained his skipper’s diploma at the age of 68, and this year he also bought his sailboat, which he brought from Martinique.

Corneliu Bossenmayer, skipper: “I like to live in nature, whether it’s a tent, a caravan, on a boat, life in nature is much more beautiful than in a block, a house, a swimming pool.”

Most of the skippers who are trained in our ports, go to work abroad, on the seas and oceans of the world, where the salaries are several thousand euros per month. Alex obtained his degree in Limanu and now works in Greece, on the Cote d’Azur, but also in Italy.

Alex Afo, skipper: “Every day is different because we change the place and never get bored. I can say I’m envious. It’s not an easy job, I’ve been doing this for a very long time and it’s natural for me now. I am here all season, from June to September. I have a family too and I have to go back home.”

Răzvan Albei, skipper: “This year he went to Greece for 1,350 euros.”
Reporter: “Is there a tip?”
Răzvan Albei, skipper: “Ooo, yes! This season the highest was $600!”

Carmen Preda Capsea, yachting entrepreneur: “If they stick to their work and are serious in two or three years they can reach 8,000 or even over 10,000 euros monthly.”

Courses after being able to become boat drivers cost 650 euros.

Source: Pro TV 


Carmen Andreea Preda

My yacht Stewardess career started in 2009. Since then, while I have managed to remain involved in the yachting industry as a Trainer in my own business at Capsea Yachting Crew Training, it has in no way been a substitute for the glorious life at sea I left behind.

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