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Salaries of thousands of euros on luxury yachts – former student, for people all over the world

People looking for a unique experience, which can also bring them salaries of several thousand euros per month,
now have access to qualification courses that will facilitate their employment on cruise ships and luxury yachts,
courses organized in Romania by Capsea Yachting company. The idea to bring this field to Romania also came to the
initiator of the business, Carmen Preda, after she herself had been active on several ships for several years.

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“Capsea Yachting was founded in 2017, after many steps in this regard, starting with 2014. The idea came to me
after several years of experience as a Yacht Stewardess. I started working on yachts in 2009 on a 69-meter yacht
called Ti’a Moana in French Polynesia. Over the years, I advanced to the position after each contract, ending up
working as Chief Stewardess, and later being involved in the positions of assistant staff / Butler / valet of an
Arab royal family. I worked for presidents, ministers of state, international stars – famous actors, singers
– but also for some of the richest people in the world. I was also involved in two major projects, the
construction of two mega-yachts, as well as yacht repair projects at shipyards. This idea came to me after
I noticed the lack of these courses on the Romanian training services market, but also from the desire to offer
the chance to work on a yacht to Romanians – and not only “, says Carmen Preda, CEO Capsea Yachting.

Capsea Yachting offers, in addition to Steward / ess Yacht courses and Butler / Valet courses, on-board training
services for the training of ship personnel, but can also organize holidays and parties on yachts – through
Capsea Yachting Sail.

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What kind of staff are employers looking for?

The courses organized in Bucharest or online by Capsea Yachting can enroll young people with a minimum age of 18,
boys and girls, who must know English at a conversational level. Although they will work at sea, no swimming
skills are required, but their health must be good to be able to work.

“The course is held in English, the maritime language spoken on board being English. If students know another
foreign language, this is an advantage, as is their professional and educational experience. In this field we
are looking for fair, respectful, sensible, educated people, ready to always be with a smile on their face,
welcoming, hospitable, hardworking, always with an eye for detail. Employers are not eager to see people with
“drama queen attitude”, as we call it on the yacht, jokes Carmen Preda.

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Costs and benefits

Capsea Yachting offers intensive courses, organized over five days(8 hours/day), which can guide people in a new
profession, to a new developing industry in Romania. The course is not cheap at all, but the salaries in the
field can be commensurate. During the course, the young people will have both practical tests and a grid exam
at the end of the course. After graduating from the exam, Capsea Yachting students can have the chance to work
in the yachting industry, where salaries start from 2,000 – 2,500 euros per month.

“In addition to this salary, they included accommodation, all meals – respectively food and drinks -, medical
insurance, uniform, as well as plane tickets, all also free. In this area, the tips are also quite consistent,
reaching up to 2,000 euros per week. After completing the course and graduating, we offer all students job offers
in the yachting industry, as a steward, or double position, such as: Masseuse / Steward / ess, Beautician /
Steward / ess, Cosmetician / Steward / ess, Personal Trainer / Steward / ess, and so on, as well as jobs on
cruise ships, riverships, ferryboats, oil rigs, as well as hotel, Inhouse hold, ski chalet and Luxury villas.
The cost of the course is 950 euros, it can be paid in full or up to 12 fixed installments, without interest,
with the credit card, with the banks we work with. The course is held by me, an accredited trainer, with a
smaller number of people per month, because we want to give 100% to capture as much information as possible and
learn as much as possible at our academy. After finishing the course, we offer guidance and support to students
for what they have to do next, we help them for free to make their CV, we teach them what to say in an interview,
how to behave, as well as other little tricks to help them in the interview, but also support during employment
with any questions they have at work. Some of our students are already on their second contract and I am glad that
they are happy at work “, says Carmen Preda.

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How to work on a yacht

The employment contracts that can benefit those interested in this field differ from employer to employer.
These can be daily contracts (“day worker”, which are paid around 80 – 400 euros for eight hours of work per day,
with lunch included), freelancer contracts (for a few weeks), monthly, seasonal or rotational (2 by 2, 3 by 1, 5
by 1, etc.), or permanent contracts of one year, with one month of paid leave. “Contracts can be on private,
charter or explorer types worldwide. We are in direct contact with yacht owners, captains and yacht management
companies around the world. Jobs can be in any corner of the world, currently there are over 5,000 functional
yachts “, says Carmen Preda.

She emphasizes that at Capsea Yachting the courses are internationally recognized by the yachting industry,
a guarantee of the services offered being represented by the reactions of the participants in the fairs in the
field in Romania, such as the Bucharest International Boat Show. “At the fairs we participated in, everyone
congratulated us and they were happy that, after years, Romanians are returning to the country to change
something,” adds Carmen Preda, CEO of Capsea Yachting.

Those interested in taking these courses can get more details on the company’s website,,
at the e-mail address:, or at the telephone number 004 0743 115 508 .

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Carmen Andreea Preda

My yacht Stewardess career started in 2009. Since then, while I have managed to remain involved in the yachting industry as a Trainer in my own business at Capsea Yachting Crew Training, it has in no way been a substitute for the glorious life at sea I left behind.

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