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Article from Nord Planet:

Carmen Preda started her career in the Yachting Industry in 2009. Here is her success story. I had finished college and required classes to work on the Yacht as a Stewardess. It was a Friday night around 11.30 pm when I saw an internet ad about a job as a Stewardess / Masseuse on a Yacht in Bora Bora. The ad didn’t have too many details and I didn’t think too much and applied. What caught my eye were 2 things: Yacht and Bora Bora. One of my dreams was to get to Bora Bora and here’s how, with a simple click on the internet, my dream came true in a week and a half. The next morning, at 8.30, I was called by an agent to ask if I was available for an interview. I wouldn’t have thought that by a simple coincidence you could have called so fast and woke me up from a phone that took me far away to the beautiful French Polynesia.

I always liked to travel and here I am embarking on the adventure of my life with the yacht. Once there, I felt the air of luxury and vacation like never before, even if I went to work I enjoyed the beautiful moments every day. Crystal clear turquoise water, fish, corals, sea cats, etc. the bungalows, the nature, the people and not only could be seen clearly and clearly… At the airport I was waited by a colleague who came to pick me up from the airport with the tender and in a short time I arrived on the beautiful yacht Ti’a Moana. A beautiful, atypical 69 m yacht, where most of the people who rented it came on their honeymoon. After a few months of traveling through the islands of Tahaa, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahiti, etc. I started to know the culture of the people, the wonderful places, their relaxation, the gastronomy. The very warm and welcoming people and the traditional dances made me feel more like on a vacation. So, my job was more of a hobby, I did what I liked and I also earned a salary of 2500 Euros at that time, plus the tip which was quite consistent.

In our free time we went with our colleagues to walk on the islands, we had fun in bars and restaurants, snorkeling with tourists, they took us with them on all kinds of trips… we were practically like a small family on board the yacht. My colleagues were from France, the Philippines, Austria, French Polynesia, Bulgaria, Poland, etc., all very warm and friendly people. After the end of the contract, I was as curious as if I were going on a cruise ship. After a short time, this dream also became a reality where I worked as a Spa Manager for an Italian company. I traveled almost all over the world, and after 2 fun contracts and less money I decided to return to the yacht where it was practically what I wanted: luxury, international stars, very rich people and a much higher salary than on the cruise ship. I followed my career for many years, starting to work on yachts from 35 m long to 147 m. After each contract I grew very easily in office because ambition and professionalism characterize me. I became 2nd Stewardess, Spa Manager, Chief Stewardess, Butler / PA, etc., following my career in the most famous shipyards in the world where I took care of the interior of the yacht Topaz 147 m and motor yacht Maryah 126 m .

I worked for public figures and international stars, I traveled a lot and that did not stop me from saying from my experience and Romanians and not only, and after all the experience I decided to open Capsea Yachting – the first internationally recognized Academy in Romania for Steward / ess Yacht courses. Now Romanians also have the opportunity after an intensive 5-day course to fulfill their dream of working on a yacht. The diplomas are internationally recognized, and the daily course duration is 8 hours where they will learn absolutely everything they need to know to be prepared for the job of Yacht Steward / ess. As benefits of this job would be: you have health insurance, flights, accommodation, meals, uniform – all absolutely free in addition to the motivating salary and tip. Last but not least, I would like to mention that salaries can increase up to 9000 Euros when you reach a management position such as Chief Steward / ess or Purser. Throughout this period I met and met all nationalities and I got to know their culture and way of life.

Now Carmen Preda offers you information at affordable prices for the training of the Yacht Steward / ess inland crew. Along the way, she took all the “secrets of success” for a pleasant life as Yacht Stewardesss, put all her wisdom together in this course. Therefore, this training course offers all those who have a taste of wandering what it means to live and work in one of the most exclusive industries on earth.

Since then, I have managed to stay involved in the yachting industry as a trainer in my own business at Capsea Yachting Crew Training Academy. It was by no means a substitute for the glorious life at sea that I left behind. However, I carried my stories with me and the stories of my day by offering seven-star services to some of the richest and most famous people in the world, and I woke up quite often reading these stories aloud from the pages of my mind. … Remembering and sharing my memories with people who not only asked to hear them, but also asked how they might have similar adventures.

If you are tired of a job at the office or simply want to travel for free, have a motivating salary, tip, and live only among celebrities and rich people, now you have the opportunity to know the luxury and sign up for Capsea Yachting, the only internationally recognized Academy in Romania for Steward / ess Yacht courses.

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Carmen Andreea Preda

My yacht Stewardess career started in 2009. Since then, while I have managed to remain involved in the yachting industry as a Trainer in my own business at Capsea Yachting Crew Training, it has in no way been a substitute for the glorious life at sea I left behind.

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